Great Italian Restaurants Miami Beach FL That Top The List

Italian Restaurants Miami Beach

Italian Restaurants Miami Beach

Miami beach is host to some of the best restaurants in Florida and in the entire country. You certainly do not have a shortage of options when you’re going to choose an Italian restaurant to enjoy while vacationing in Miami. Even some of the second tier restaurants would be delightful, but don’t you want the best experience? For Italian restaurants Miami Beach has to offer, check out these top picks.

With a name like Pappa & Ciccia, you know you’re in for a great meal in South Beach. Reviewers talk about a margarita pizza that sounds so delicious, you might want to go with that before you even look over the entire menu. Are you near the Savoy Hotel? That’s where this restaurant is located, and the wine list, black ravioli, fresh fish, antipasta and more are calling your name. Are you ready for dinner?

Cibo Wine Bar is equally one of the top Italian restaurants in Miami Beach. Located at 200 South Pointe Drive, this restaurant isn’t just great for dinner but also for a nice brunch. There is a unique atmosphere and ambiance to this restaurant that you just don’t get anywhere else. Are you a fan of tiramisu? Not only do they serve up some of the best Italian food, but you get quite large portions. The inside atmosphere of this restaurant was mentioned, but you can also enjoy your dinner on the rooftop. Where else can you do that?

Cibo Wine Bar also offers up lobster, features a great wine list and is again one of those Italian restaurants Miami Beach vacationers and locals frequent quite often. Of course, you can’t get enough Italian food while you’re in South Beach Miami FL, so it’s on to the next top restaurant. If you don’t visit Spiga, you’re missing out.

There is also a unique ambiance and setting to Spiga. They don’t just use white tablecloths. The entire interior of the restaurant looks white and bright, and one reviewer mentions that this is a ‘true Italian restaurant.’ It all depends on the experience you’re looking for, but don’t forget how important it is for that food to be delicious. That’s why you want to be enjoying one of the top Italian restaurants in South Beach.

The desserts at Cecconi’s look fabulous, and Buon Pane Italiano serves up some delicious authentic Italian cuisine, too. There is also Casa Tua, La Locanda, Pizza Bar and Spris. Spris is known for their pizza as well, and reviewers of Pizza Bar say that the garlic knots are extra special.

How does steak and pasta sound to you? That’s one of the specialties at LOLA Restaurant and Grill. Dolce is another popular favorite in Miami Beach, and one more recommendation is Visa-O1 Extraordinary Pizza. Wherever you decide to go, have fun with your family or friends eating some delicious Italian food. For the food, the atmosphere, and the rooftop dining, you might want to stop on by Cibo Wine Bar first. That sounds like the winner to me.

22 Jul 2016