What Are Crane Mats Used For?

Crane Mats

Crane Mats

When a person hears the word ‘mat’ the first association is often a cloth item placed in the bathroom or near the front door. A mat can be of various materials ranging from wool, straw, and even timber for the hardy, outdoor mats. It is rarely the case that mats are ever thought to be larger than a front door width – in those cases; the item is called a rug or carpet. However, this is the case with crane mats. Not only are they large but they do not appear to be like the traditional ‘mat’ at all used for industrial equipment instead of garden parties. This article will provide some information on crane mats and the different uses.

What Is A Crane Mat?

Imagine a construction site filled with large pieces of equipment, such as a dump truck or excavator. Imagine the dump truck and a rope crane with large rubber wheels trudging through the mud of the construction site. Imagine the vehicles becoming stuck and being unable to take their loads from one end of the site to another. Now imagine those large wooden pieces of wood that are often placed on the ground of a construction site over the muddy conditions making it easier for the vehicles to travel. The large pieces of wood are known as crane mats.

The crane mat is constructed from large timber slabs that are attached using large bolts creating a “mat-like” appearance. The mats are created in either one layer or multiple layers dependent on the type of equipment it will be carrying to inaccessible areas.

What Are The Uses Of A Crane Mat?

1. Reducing Traction Problems

As has been mentioned, by placing the crane mat over any difficult ground conditions, it is possible to reduce any traction problems for the construction equipment. Muddy grounds can be very detrimental to the equipment, not only regarding efficiency but also for future performance. It is typical for the mud to become stuck in the rubber tires if not cleaned properly and this can damage the equipment. By using a crane mat, the risk of “stuck mud” is eliminated.

2. Emergency Situations

In addition to being used in muddy situations, the crane mat can also be used for emergency situations, such as oil spills. When an emergency situation arises, it may be the case that different vehicles with different structures are required. This seems unimportant, but the fact is that each structure requires a specific condition for optimum efficiency. By this we mean that a rubber-wheeled crane is more effective on tiled floors than a wire-rimmed dump truck. In the case of something like an oil spill, it is necessary to create a condition where all vehicles can operate efficiently without traction problems, including being stuck in oil.

The crane mat is useful in that it creates a “wooden road” across the site for all vehicles available. It allows the equipment to travel easily from one part of the site to the other performing all tasks without difficulty. It is also easily used in emergency situations at saw mills or shipping yards involving water, not just oil spills.