A Discussion On Tent Rental For Your Events



If you are thinking about holding or hosting an event that will be outdoors, then you should consider renting tents. Tents have come a long way and they can be quite beautiful, classy or even rugged. Tents are now commonly used for events such as weddings, receptions, parties, corporate events, sports days, public auctions, company promotions etc. They are extremely versatile and you can get different types and styles of tents to suit your budget. One of the best tent rental companies is Regal Tent and we will now look at some of the different types of tents that you can get and how to choose the right tent for your event.

A few tent types include the star shade, frame, clear span structure, legacy frame, double decker structure, flat top facade, sky suite and the arabesque tent. The star shade tent is a very unique tent that is shaped like a star and has six arches. This tent is supported by one single pole in the middle and when combined with the arches, provides a visually appealing structure. This type of tent is best suited to exhibitions, promotional events and parties.

Next, we will look at the frame tent. These tents have a solid frame without any internal supporting poles. They don’t need to be staked to the ground which makes them perfect to use in areas where staking is prohibited. These tents can also be fitted with fabric walls, doors and windows for an enclosed space. They are very cost effective, strong and reliable tents that come in large sizes to accommodate lots of people. Another tent that you can choose is the clear span structure. This tent has no internal or external poles or ropes which give it a very clean finish. Also, it provides lots of space in the interior which makes it perfect for large events and especially weddings. It is a modular tent which means that it can be fitted with hard walls, doors and windows which can make it look like a permanent structure.

The next tent that we will look at is the legacy frame tent. This is a very stylish and modern looking tent since it has a high peak and clean lines. You can set up this tent with or without walls and it is highly recommended for weddings or corporate events. The double decker structure tent is on a whole other level since this tent provides two stories to use. You can use one level for guests and the other level for the media, photographers or even VIP guests. Flat top facade tents create a tent that looks more like a permanent building than a tent.

Sky suite tents are typically used as a cover for spectators of various sports. They can be placed on scaffolding and on different heights so that you can have tiered seating. Lastly, arabesque tents are very dramatic and visually stunning tents that are best used for high profile events.

In closing, we have just looked at some of the different types of tents you can get from a tent rental company like Regal Tent. This company is highly recommended and will ensure that you are completely satisfied with their tent installations, so be sure to check them out at regaltent.com.